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Yakattack VisiPole II

The VISIPole II™ is a reincarnation of our highly popular VISIPole™. Designed for the budget conscious kayak angler, the VISIPole II™ offers exceptional features at a great price. We've designed this unit to be configurable, which means you can choose the features that fit your needs and your budget.

While this product will greatly enhance your visibility on the water, keep in mind that kayak fishing can be dangerous, and that no product can replace caution and a constant awareness of your surroundings.


• Available with or without a floating base, third party mount, or flag, you can configure the VISIPole II™ to meet your needs and your budget. Flag kits are available for down-the-road upgrades to flagless models.

The Mast
• Manufactured from domestically manufactured, 3/8" fiberglass tube. Permanently attached to the light and the floating base (when a floating base is selected).
• With an overall height of 4'-6", you will truly be visible from 360 degrees.

The Light
• Uses the same light body designed by YakAttack and manufactured by TekTite® for the VISICarbon Pro™. With remarkable light diffusing technology, an incredible balance of brightness and burn time ensures you get the visibility you need and a surprisingly low operating cost.
• With a burn time of more than 100 hours on 3 AA batteries, you'll save as much as $20 on the first set of batteries compared to other popular safety lights lasting only 8 hours on a set of batteries. Using your VISIPole II for an 8 hour night of fishing, your operating cost will be less than 25¢!
• Waterproof to a depth of 1000 feet.

Pro Glo Sock™ Flag Option
• This is the same flag we use on the VISICarbon Pro™. Although the VISIPole II™ does not fold up to fit into the Pro Glo Sock™, this flag still offers some great functionality and is an excellent option.
• Silent Snap™ flag clips allow for easy and quick installation and removal of the flag.
• In situations where a 360 degree white light is not necessary or required, the flag can be slid over the light, creating a soft glow that is less likely to attract bugs or spook fish, while maintaining some level of visibility to others around you. This technique is not recommended for environments in which powered craft may be present.
• The 6" X 18" flag, with our unique mounting system, flies straighter, which improves the aerodynamics. The 2 ply construction of the flag also allows some air inside, promoting a wind sock effect that is aerodynamically efficient. The end result is great visibility and minimal "weather vaning" which is caused by excessive wind resistance.

12" X 18" Flag Option
• Something customers really liked about the original VISIPole™ is that it accepts any standard 12" X 18" flag. The VISIPole II™ has several 12" X 18" flag options available, and the position of the lower eyelet can be changed, allowing an even wider range of possible flags that can be attached.

The Stripes
Another thing our customers really like about the VISIPole™ is the 2" wide, marine grade, USCG approved SOLAS stripe. This material does an amazing job of reflecting light. We kept this band of reflective goodness and added a 1" band of reflective orange just above and below it. It's very effective and looks great. Who says you can't be safe with a little style?

QuietSlip™ Mounting
• The available QuietSlip™ mounting option allows you to slide the VISIPole II™ into a "rocket launcher" style rod holder and tether it in place. It has been designed for tubes with a hole of at least 1-3/4" diameter. It's a great fit and is an option that has spawned an era of copycat products. But make no mistake, the quality of the components and the design used in YakAttack™ products is unparalleled by anyone in the industry.

Scotty® Mount Ready

Scotty® makes a great base, and we have a version of the VISICarbon Pro™ for that too.