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AquaBound Surge FG 2-Piece Kayak Paddle 2012

With wider, stiffer blades, the Surge kayak paddle delivers more muscle to the high-energy paddler. The blade is created using high pressure compression - making it stronger and lighter than other blades. The shaft features t-700 carbon, making our performance paddles ultra strong with a low swing weight.

Some paddlers are simply happy to be in the water. Others are born to make waves. Aqua-Bound's Surge FG 2-Piece Kayak Paddle has been created for the latter group. This hand-built work of art has been meticulously designed and crafted with the most discerning kayak devotee in mind. It features the T-700 carbon shaft, known for its exceptionally high strength to weight ratio. (When it's not in the water with Aqua-Bound paddles, it's in the air with Boeing aircraft.) The Surge is beautifully balanced and flutter-free and has a large blade for high-angle, high-energy paddlers. . Special Features: 2-Piece, Weight: 25.5 oz. @ 220cm, Blade Size: Mid, Shaft Size: Standard, Shaft Material: Carbon, Blade Material: Fiberglass, Model Year: 2012,

Product Specifications
Ovalized Shaft: T-700 Carbon
Standard Small
Blade Width: 7in
Blade Length: 19in
Blade Surface Area: 104 sq.in. 670 sq.cm
Paddle Weight: 29 oz 822 g
Paddle Length: 210cm 220cm 230cm 240cm
Paddle Construction: 2pc

The Multi-Laminate Fiberglass blades are hand made using a unique web of woven fiberglass fibers along with Aqua-Bound's proprietary resin and foam core.
By using a high pressure compression molding process we are able to obtain a greater strength to weight ratio than many other methods. The compression process increases the strength, stiffness and efficiency of our blades which translates into ultra-light, low swing weight blades that will reduce strain and fatigue.

Blade Material
Ferrule Options - Snap Button and Telescoping
This paddle is offered with two ferrule options:

(2) our exclusive telescoping ferrule system increases weight 1 oz. (28.3 g). The telescoping ferrule system is not available with the small shaft.

Both offer quiet, precise action.

Ferrule Options
Shaft Material - T-700
This product features the Aqua-Bound T-700 carbon shaft. This material is highly regarded for its high strength to weight ratio. In fact, when it's not being used in the water with an Aqua-Bound paddle, it's being used in the air with some of the world's most famous jet aircraft.