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Salvavidas Para Kayak

Obligatorio para el Deporte del Kayak

  • MTI Fisher SE Life Jacket
    MTI Fisher SE Life Jacket
    The MTI Fisher SE Fishing Vest - a classic design that has weathered time. MTI was one of the first manufacturers to combine a fly fishing vest with a paddlesports life vest. Today's Fisher SE is an e
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  • The MTI Mona Lisa - PFD Life Jacket Styled for Wom
    The MTI Mona Lisa - PFD Life Jacket Styled for Wom
    The MTI Mona Lisa, a classic and versatile recreational PFD styled just for women, it's perfect for kayaking, sailing or canoeing. Whether you're headed out for a long day of paddling, or just a light
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  • MTI Child Life Jacket
    MTI Child Life Jacket
    For young children 30-50 lbs with some swimming ability. Softest foam and top quality fabric assures comfort and excellent fit. Active children like how the flatter collar stays out of their way, yet
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    The yoke style fit of the Helios is lightweight and very cool in hot climates. Inflates in seconds after a firm tug on the ripcord tab, providing 29 lbs of instant flotation. A manual inflatable requi
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  • MTI Jorney Life Jacket
    MTI Jorney Life Jacket
    The Journey is a real lightweight. No, really. It weighs less than a pound. Totally open sides and soft shoulder straps with reflective tape make the Journey a cool choice for hot days and hot bodies.
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  • MTI CRUISER SE Life Jacket
    MTI CRUISER SE Life Jacket
    Many paddlers and sailors feel that the Cruiser SE is the way a life jacket should look. Traditional vertical foam panels hug the body. The central panels extend right up over your shoulders in one co
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  • Harmony Youth PFD
    Harmony Youth PFD
    Each of our PFDs are designed with specific paddlers in mind. And the Youth’s PFD is no exception. We cut and sized the components from the outset to best fit smaller bodies (50-90 lbs.). Deep cut arm
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  • Harmony Infant / Toddler PFD
    Harmony Infant / Toddler PFD
    Crib? Check. Car seat? Check. Infant/Toddler PFD? Check. When it comes to family outings, we say the more the merrier. This PFD is specifically designed and crafted for infants/children up to 30 lbs a
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  • Extra Sports Fleet  Universal Life Jacket
    Extra Sports Fleet Universal Life Jacket
    Lightweight and extremely universal fitting, our Fleet offers comfort at an extremely affordable price. Enjoy it floating down a lazy river, paddling into a secret cove or canoeing across a favorite l
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  • Extra Sports Volks Child  Life Jacket
    Extra Sports Volks Child Life Jacket
    This jacket is designed for all-day comfort, with a deep cut neck line and open armholes in a short-waisted design. Comfort design Short-waisted Open armholes Front-zip Clip buckle Adjustable
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  • MTI Under Dog Life Jacket
    MTI Under Dog Life Jacket
    The life jacket for dogs that is the first ergonomically designed buoyancy aid for the swimming canine. With 90% of the flotation in the water under the chest and neck, the underDOG supports the natur
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  • APF Universal Life Jacket
    APF Universal Life Jacket
    The APF will fit them all! APF means ALL PERSON FIT, and its universal sizing easily adjusts from a slim 30" chest to a super-size 56" chest with no sacrifice in comfort. Adjustable neoprene shoulde
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